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East Central Georgia Regional Library

Interlibrary Loan Request for census microfilm or Soundex

To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your request, please complete all sections.


PINES Library Card No. (enter without spaces)  

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Name you are researching (one per submission) 

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Do you need CENSUS or SOUNDEX?       Census             Soundex

Is there a date by which you must have this item?      Yes     No      Date required         

You will be responsible for paying postage costs for this item, if any are incurred. If necessary, are you willing to pay

an additional fee to obtain this item?          Yes         No     If Yes, how much?        

By signing this form, I agree that I have read and understand the regulations below.

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Interlibrary Library Loan Regulations

• You must have a PINES library card and be in good standing with the library in order to use this service.

 • Many libraries charge for postage and insurance when they lend their materials, and you will be responsible for those costs. In addition, some libraries charge a lending fee. We will make every attempt to obtain materials from libraries that do not charge additional fees, but please indicate the maximum amount you are willing to pay on the form above.

• You will be notified when the material you requested has arrived. Interlibrary loan items usually take at least two weeks to obtain. Please indicate above if there is a date by which you must have the material.

• Please pick up your requested items as soon as possible after you have been notified that they have arrived at the library. Fees for postage, insurance, and/or photocopies are to be paid when you pick up the items. Photocopies become the property of the borrower upon payment of the fees and do not need to be returned to the library.

 • Please return all materials on time. If you need the item for a longer period, contact the library at least five days prior to the item’s due date so we may request a renewal. If the lending library permits, an extension will be granted. The length of the lending period and any extensions are determined by the lending library.


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