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The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library is proud to announce the publication of the Catalog of the Augusta (Georgia) City Directories, 1841-1939. This 61-page book describes each volume in detail, enumerating the type of information a researcher can find in every year in which a directory was published. One can immediately determine when names of spouses are provided (by race), when local officials and employees are listed, what years street cross- references are available, plus a wealth of other information, including statistics, brief histories of the local area, and photographs of Augusta. This finding aid to the microfilmed directories makes searching them much easier, plus introduces the researcher to the wealth of information to be found in this often-ignored source. The Catalog is fully indexed, and includes a guide to the contents of the microfilm reels themselves.

Also Available from the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library

PERSONAL NAME INDEX TO THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE (AUGUSTA, GEORGIA) This four-volume set of hard-bound books covers names of individuals who lived in East-Central Georgia and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, from 1786-1830. Citations include full name, name of spouse (where shown), type of event, and a complete reference to the newspaper. Types of events indexed range from death and marriage notices to probate announcements, grand jury presentments, business advertisements, legislative action and news stories.

Reviewer Comments on the Personal Name Index to the Augusta Chronicle

"This reviewer always looks forward to the appearance of another volume in this outstanding series."
- Raymond A. Winslow, Jr., The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal

"...one of the most important such complilations for Southern genealogy that will be of great help to families living throughout the United States who have pioneering ancestors in the area of South Carolina and Georgia..."
- LaViece Smallwood, The Florida Times Union(Jacksonville)

Book prices:
Copies of the Catalog of the Augusta City Directories, $10.00
Copies of Vol. I (1786-1799) Personal Name Index, $27.50
Copies of Vol. II (1800-1810) Personal Name Index, $27.50
Copies of Vol.III (1811-1820) Personal Name Index, $27.50
Copies of Vol. IV (1821-1830) Personal Name Index, $27.50

Registers of Signatures of Depositors

in the Augusta, Georgia, Branch Of the Freedman’s Saving and Trust Company

Volume I, November 1872-June 1872

Finally!  A source for African-American Genealogical Research In Georgia & South Carolina.

The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library is proud to announce the publication of the first volume of Registers of Signatures of Depositors in the Augusta, Georgia, Branch of the Freedman’s Saving and Trust Company, by Alice O. Walker.  This book serves as a springboard for researchers studying African-American genealogy in the Augusta (GA)-Aiken (SC) area.  Since the records begin in November 1870, they provide a critical link with the 1870 Federal population schedules.  The Registers contain the following information on each applicant:  name; date of application; place of birth; place brought up; residence; age; complexion; spouse; children; parents; siblings, and remarks.  The remarks section typically includes the names of grandparents, aunts and uncles.  This first volume covers half the existing records:  November 1870 through June 1872.  It is hardbound and contains over 700 pages, with a complete index, and an introduction, which includes a brief history of the bank as well as notes on the local records.  In addition, 360 endnotes are included, providing cross-references to the 1872 Augusta City Directory, historical references, and corrections or additions to the original document.

Copies @ $35.00 each (plus $2. 50 shipping & handling)

Publication of this book was made possible by a grant from the R.J. Taylor, JR. Foundation.

Augusta- Aiken Clubs and Organization List

A comprehensive list of non-profit clubs and organizations of the Augusta-Aiken area is published annually by the staff of the library.  The list provides the following information:  organization’s name, location, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and point of contact.

Copies@ $5.00 each (plus $2.00 shipping & handling)


Order from:
Augusta Public Library
823 Telfair Street
Augusta, GA 30901-2294
(706) 821-2600
Send to the attention of the Information Department. Make checks payable to the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library

For genealogy help and questions, please contact the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information, please contact the library at the above address or phone number. You may also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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